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ezAffiliates: The most affiliate-centric revenue sharing model on the Web. Finally, you can make some serious returns on your web presence.

Generous 50% Commission: perhaps the highest rate of revenue sharing on the web.

$10 Minimum Payout so that you will not be waiting forever before you qualify for payment.

Lifetime Tracking: ezAffiliates uses cookie-less tracking technology to attribute every purchase of your lead to your account. You earn commission on whatever your leads buy from us, whenever they do! No time limit.

High Quality Products such as Easy AdSense, and other premium plugins and PHP packages.

Diverse Markets: Bloggers who blog about plugins, PayPal integration, affiliate marketing, MacOS apps and even eBooks will all find ezAffiliates attractive and more effective that their current ad campaigns.

Start Your Own Network: If you like how this affiliate program works, and would like to start your own viral marketing network, you can purchase ezAffiliates as a full package.

Further Support: Please clck on the Help tab below for more help. If you need further support, please raise a paid support ticket at our Portal. In order to minimize spam and frivilous support requests, we regret that we have to require a token payment for support tickets.

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EZ Affiliates: Where to Go from Here

Welcome to EZ Affiliates. This program will share 50% of the revenues with you. If you bought a plugin or package from us, and like it, why not set a link to it on your website? With just a couple sales, you will recover your original purchase price!

Know Your Audience

To link to our e-shop, please use Your Affiliate Link, which you will see after you log on. You may find it more effective to link to other specific products on our e-shop, depending on the nature of your web site. For instance,

  • If you blog about WordPress and its plugins, you may want to show links to our Premium Plugins.
  • If your target audience is PHP developers, you will make more commission by displaying our PHP packages.
  • If you blog about MacOS, we have an iPhoto Helper app which may bring you significant referral commission.
You will find your customized affiliate links by category below.

Get Banners

We have prepared catchy banners of various sizes for you to embed on your pages. Some of our affiliates find it much more lucrative to use banners rather than text links. Others vouch by content-based text links. Your mileage may vary.

Track Your Sales

You can track the performance of your affiliate links by adding a Campaign ID. We will then display your statistics grouped by the Campaign ID. All you have to do is to append &data=CampaignID. The Campaign ID can be any value you choose. See the Affiliate Link with Campaign ID (after you log on) for the format.
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